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     Our free FamilyMemories™ software is designed to be easy to use for both the Bride and Groom and Wedding photographers, enabling you to present a wonderful and economic means of showcasing your wedding portraits in a unique photo book.Preserve your wedding memories with a hardcover Wedding Photo Book.

     Ask many people to describe a wedding and they'll begin with the start of the ceremony. Anyone who has planned a wedding, though, knows that there's a lot more to it than just the ceremony and the party afterward. A wedding includes the months-even years-of planning that gets you down the aisle for the "I do" and to the reception for the Electric Slide.
Record all the important moments of preparing and celebrating your big day in a photo book. Whether you decide to make your wedding album into a photo book, or you want a personalized guest book, or even if you decide to hold out until your honeymoon, we have a wedding-related book idea for you.

     After the knot is tied itís time to tie up a few loose ends -†like how are you going to organize all those photos? Whether youíre a professional photographer, a talented amateur or a blissful newlywed, FamilyMemories™ makes it a snap to assemble your photos and shots guests have taken to create a memorable collection perfect for sharing with family and friends.

  ♦ Photographers: provide the happy couple with a little something extra -†using our clean, classic
      templates, uploading your own custom design or provide your clients a professional proof book.

♦ Brides & Grooms: Use the FamilyMemories™ free photo book software to create your book -
      complete with captions and images.

  Our books serve as an excellent idea for wedding photographers and for Brides and Grooms on a budget. FamilyMemories™ books are professionally bound and are a wonderful tool for value add-ons to your portrait packages. The quality is everything that you should expect to find in any bookstore.

   Using our software is truly easy to create photo books tailored to your professional as well as artistic needs. You can create Baby books, family photo books, wedding books, corporate profile books, travelogues that capture the beauty of your last vaction, special event photo books, school yearbooks. The possibilities for your final product are limitless.


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What Do People Say

Mark B. - from Dallas, TX
"Our wedding was a big affair in Dallas. Our wedding photographer created a Wedding photo book using your software. We are so pleased with the result. It saved us over $100 compared with other packages. We really enjoy the leather cover. This is a must for any couple who is getting married and wish to preserve their photos forever. It costs less than a photo album at Target and the quality is amazing. Thank you for giving us a special wedding present."