Why does my computer start to freeze when I click Publish Book?

After you click Start button from Publish Book screen for a couple of minutes, the computer looks frozen to you, a couple of things you can check:

1. Since Family Memories photo book is designed for printing 300 dpi photos, publishing a book may take longer than you expect. That means if the cursor is still running, please make sure to wait enough time before you determine it is completely frozen. Another easy way to check if this Publish Book function works is: create a test book, just drag one photo onto the cover/title page, and create 2 or 3 more pages with one photo on each page, and then publish this small book to see if this works.

2. Check to see if all source photos are still accessible from your computer. For instance, if some of the source files are from your CD or DVD, make sure the CD or DVD is in the CD drive or DVD drive. If you have obtained the photos from multiple CDs or DVDs, the Publish Book process will be frozen, simply because the program will look for the actual source files during publishing book; and you won’t be able to access all source photos from multiple CDs or DVDs at the same time. In other words, you can only use the photos from ONE CD or DVD, otherwise all the photos from those multiple CDs or DVDs will need to be copied to your hard drive first before you create the book.

3. Check to see if you have renamed any of the source photos after you have dragged photos onto your photo book pages; if yes, you will have to locate that photo, delete it from the screen, then re-drag the renamed photo back to the page.