Does Family Memories offer phone support?

Sorry, Family Memories currently does not have telephone support, simply because we are confident that our software is easy to use and our knowledgebase has covered all possible issues you may come across.

On the other hand, we do offer email support. Any sales or customer service questions, please send email to; any technical questions, please send email to

We understand some of you may prefer telephone support, so you can actually talk with someone, describe your concerns or questions over the phone. However, based on our over 50-year publishing industry experiences, we believe our customers will have faster and more accurate responses from us via emailing. Emailing allows us to better understand your questions, so we can reply right to the points. With phone support, a lot of times, the beginning 5 to 10 minutes is only used for both sides to understand what the problem is, which usually takes longer, and creates a higher chance of miscommunication. Besides, email support helps us add more specific questions into our knowledgebase, making the entire support system more trackable and traceable.

Please remember we are always here to help! Just try our emailing support system and we are sure you will like it!