What is a Dust Jacket Cover?

The dust jacket (sometimes known as dust wrapper or dust cover) of a book is the outer cover, which is usually detachable and often illustrated. This outer cover has folded front and back flaps, by which it attaches to the front and back book covers themselves. Often the front flap and the back flap summarize the contents of the book, provides biographical information about the author and offers words of praise from celebrities or authorities in the book's subject area.

In Family Memories, Dust Jacket Cover is an add-on to the 12" x 9" photo book that will cover the inside linen hard cover photo book. You have 5 color options for the inside linen hard cover. The Dust Jacket Cover option can be configured when you set up the photo book the first time.

The Dust Jacket includes 5 parts from left to right: Back Cover Flap, Back Cover, Spine, Front Cover and Front Cover Flap.

On each of the Back Cover Flap and Front Cover Flap, you will have one photo space and one text box space to put the book summary or author's photo, etc. You can print the book title and author's name on the spine.

The entire dust jacket is one piece art that can be designed in Family Memories book design software.