Can I change my template to another one after I have finished editing the page?

Sorry, No! But, You Still Can...

Once you have already selected the template and finished editing one page, the template cannot be changed any more. If you replace one of the finished pages with a new template, you will lose this page content.

However, Family Memories book design software is very flexible on using the template. The template is only meant to help you set up the page the first time. Any of the components on the template can be easily moved and dragged around the page, even deleted from the page. In other words, even if you use the template, you are not limited to the template. You still have full flexibility on the page design.

This is just another reason why we are better than similar software on the market. Family Memories helps you become a professional book designer by providing templates and more; on the other hand, we still respect your talent and creativity. We give you unlimited freedom to add your personal taste to your book!