What resolution images/photos will Family Memories produce?

Resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed per inch of the printed length in an image, usually measured in dots per inch (dpi). The better/higher resolution, the more pixel information is embedded. Meanwhile, it means greater file size too.

Family Memories never infringes on our goal of providing the best quality products to our customers. Our book design software and the entire printing process are set up at 300 dpi. The full bleed of the 12" x 9" size page can be 3600 pixel x 2700 pixel resolution, the full bleed of the 9" x 9" size page can be 2700 pixel x 2700 pixel resolution.

However, you are not required to submit all photos at 300 dpi. Any images from 150 dpi to 200 dpi are still acceptable images, images from 200 dpi to 255 dpi are considered as good-quality images, and images above 255 dpi to 300 dpi are categorized as the best quality images.

We also want to point out one factor: processing the higher resolution images uses more computer resources. It is always true that the more memory your computer has, the better performance you can have when processing your photos.