How do I adjust the photo?

On the photo edit screen, you can enhance your photo by adjusting the brightness and contrast parameters. Please be aware of the light coming through the monitor; all photos will look brighter on the monitor than on paper. If your photo looks dark on the computer screen, do not be surprised to see an even darker one in your book. Photos that are brighter have more contrast, will look more vibrant and attractive.

A photo with very dull colors is considered to have low saturation. The more blacks and grays that appear in the photo, the less saturated it is. Color saturation has to do with the vibrancy and purity of colors. This is effected through light and color. However, it can be adjusted through the saturation meter in Family Memories software.

The output brightness of a photo is not normally linear. For example when displaying a grey square, with a color half way between white and black, the result will not be half as bright as a full white. This effect doesn't just apply to the brightness of greys, but also the shade of most colors, and so can completely change the viewed image. Gamma correction is used for this purpose to correct for this non-linearity, resulting in a correctly displayed image.

No matter which adjustment meter was changed, do not forget to click the Apply Adjustment button.