How do I configure the book settings?

Each of your photo projects can be configured with different settings to add personalized touches:

Project Names: A 10-character project name is the best way to describe your photo project, so you can easily identify your book by its unique name. You can create as many photo projects as you want, each with a different name.

Page Numbers: If the Print Page Number option is selected, the page numbers will be printed at the bottom outside of each page in black ink only. Page numbers are not printed on each page by default. However, this option can be added any time before you place the order.

Page Footer: A personalized page footer will tell your readers what this photo book is about. You can easily create this unique text line by entering the footer information from the book settings screen. Page footer is printed on the bottom outside of each page, just next to the page number.

One/Two Side Printing: Your photo book can be printed either on the right side only or both sides.

Default Font: A default font type and font size can be selected for each project. Your text entry will become a lot easier and quicker with this feature.