How do I select project type?

From the Family Memories software, you can create 3 different types of projects:

1). 12" x 9" Photo Book: Landscape orientation, a linen hard cover with a die cut window on the front cover. Or if you prefer, you can have a UV coated custom full color dust jacket printed to add the personal touch to your photo book. The die cut window is not available on the front cover if you select the dust jacket option.

2). 9" x 9" Photo Book: Beautiful custom full color hard cover makes your photo book distinguished from other photo books. Plastic lamination cover adds a sleek and shiny look to your photo book.

3). 12" x 9" Photo Calendar: Start from any month, finish the book in no time by dragging and dropping your favorite photo into each month. With the help of our template and background designs, your personalized photo calendar can be used at your own home and given to your family as a perfect gift.